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Formula 1 illustrations drawn by Anthony-C

Max Verstappen – Red Bull RB16B Honda livery

Formula 1 illustrations drawn by Anthony-C

Michael Schumacher – Jordan 191

Formula 1 illustrations drawn by Anthony-C

Ayrton Senna – McLaren MP4/8

Find my NFT on my OpenSea gallery. But what is an NFT ?

NFT is the abbreviation of Non Fungible Token, which means non-fungible token in French. More concretely, it is a token that cannot be replaced by another one, hence the expression “non-fungible”.

NFTs are virtual and cryptographic objects that are found on the blockchain with unique identification addresses. These virtual objects stand out through the metadata they contain. This can be a signature, the name of the author, the type of product, the creation date, etc.

In short, a crypto NFT is a digital object (image, video, or audio file) with a unique, non-reproducible identification code.

Here is everything you need to know about NFTs:

  • Each NFT is unique, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for example.
  • Counterfeits do not exist in the NFT sector since each digital work has an electronic certificate.
  • NFTs allow artists to diversify their audience and thus find new investors.
  • The Ethereum blockchain hosts the majority of NFTs. The Cardano blockchain is starting to store more and more projects.
  • Since last year, the art market tends to be digitalized. NFTs have increased by more than 20,000%! It is therefore the perfect time to invest in an NFT.

OpenSea is a platform that allows its users to generate NFTs and offer them for direct purchase or auction.